Taylor Armstrong's Book Stirs Controversy

Real Housewives star Taylor Armstrong's book, Hiding from Reality was released Tuesday and includes idetails of her relationship with her late husband. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

The new book written by Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong is getting lots of attention and heaps of condemnation. 

Russell Armstrong's sister, Laurie says she's astounded to hear some of the things her former sister-in-law has been saying during her round of TV appearances this week promoting the tell-all.

"I think the most outlandish tactic that somebody could [take] is for money. And I think that is her motivation," Laurie told INSIDE EDITION.
There was also a surprising exchange on The View Monday
The View co-host Joy Behar asked Taylor, "You must be relieved that he is dead then? I would be." 

Taylor simply responded, "Yeah."

Laurie said, "She claims to love this man but is glad he is dead. Come on now. Fate was kind for him to not have to sit here and live through this. What she has done to him is the ultimate betrayal."

Laurie also disputes Taylor's claim on the Today show that her late brother loved being on Real Housewives.

Taylor said on Today, "He loved being in the media. He would wake up everyday and go to his Blackberry and the first thing would be, go to his Google Alerts with his name in it."

Laurie said, "Obviously he didn't like it because he refused to be [in the show]. He threatened them if they photographed him again."
Taylor's book, Hiding from Reality was released on Tuesday.  She says she only wrote it to be of help to others who might be the victim's of domestic abuse.

But whatever Taylor's motivations, her sister-in-law says she finds it objectionable that the book would be out so soon after Russell's death.

Our viewers agree. In our online poll we asked: "Do you believe it is too soon for Taylor Armstrong to be putting out a book about her relationship with her late husband?"  78 % said "Yes," and  22% said "No."

"I think that she is grasping at any straw she can get, in order to promote this book for money," said Laurie.