Duggar Family at the Center of Alleged Extortion Plot

The Duggar family from the reality show "19 Kids and Counting" are at the center of an alleged extortion plot from a photographer who claims to have a racy photo of one family member. INSIDE EDITION reports.

The Duggar family and their nineteen kids have a hit reality show, 19 Kids and Counting, on TLC - but now the huge brood finds themselves at the center of an alleged extortion plot.

The FBI says 25-year-old Amy Duggar is the victim of the plot. She's the niece of family patriarch, Jim Bob Duggar. She's often seen on the show talking about her Christian values.

Amy has said, "I have a boyfriend so I do want to kiss him and show him that I care about him, but at the same time I want to respect my family's values."

Now, the FBI says Amy was allegedly targeted for blackmail by a photographer, Teresa Hunt. The FBI says Hunt allegedly threatened to sell racy photos of Amy in a compromising position with 56-year-old James Garrett.
Hunt allegedly sent letters to the Discovery Channel, demanding $10,000 or she'd sell the photos to a tabloid magazine.

In one letter, the Iowa photographer claims that pretty Amy Duggar, an aspiring country singer, isn't the "Christian" and "Miss Perfect" she's made out to be on the show.

The letter goes on to state, "$10,000 and I keep my mouth shut, otherwise this story, with exact details and photographs, will hit the tabloids very soon."

In a statement Amy said the allegations are false and had an explanation for the man in the photos.

"It's totally untrue," said Amy. "He is a longtime friend who has always been supportive of my music career."

And now Garrett is speaking out, saying there's nothing inappropriate in the images.

"I can't even begin to imagine what made her [Hunt] do it," said Garrett.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked Garrett, "What do these photographs actually show?"

Garrett replied, "They are totally benign. That she [Hunt] actually took these photos off Amy's own Facebook page and tried to make money with them is bizarre."