President Obama Fires Off A Marshmallow Cannon in the White House

INSIDE EDITION speaks with eighth grader Joe Hudy, whose marshmallow cannon excited the President so much, he asked to fire it inside the White House.

What do you do when the President of the United States asks you a question about your science project? Eighth grader Joe Hudy knows.

"When I saw the President, I was like, 'Don't mess up, don't mumble'," Hudy told INSIDE EDITION.

The kid from Phoenix, Arizona, had come to the White House science fair with his quirky invention — a cannon that shoots marshmallows.

President Obama asked, "This is an air, what?"

Hudy replied, "An air cannon."

The intrigued President then asked, "What would we use it for?"

Hudy simply responded, "Shooting marshmallows."

End of story? Not quite, the President asked to try it out.

"When he asked, ‘Can I shoot it?' I was like, ‘Sure!' You can't really say no to him," Hudy said.

Hudy and the President pumped up the cannon. Meanwhile, Hudy's parents feared the worst.

Hudy's mother told INSIDE EDITION, "Our hearts dropped. I knew there was a chandelier in the center of the room and nice lighting along the side of the walls, and I knew something's going to break."

A last-minute alteration to the line of fire and then it was time to open fire. It was a success. The marshmallow hit the wall, nobody got hurt and a junior scientist has a memory to last a lifetime.