Backlash Continues for Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen backlash continues with some asking if she's becoming the most hated woman in Boston. Meanwhile, some are coming to her defense. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Embattled Gisele Bundchen is getting support from a surprising source—Donald Trump.

INSIDE EDITION caught up with The Donald in New York Wednesday at a publicity event for Celebrity Apprentice.

"I think she was great in what she said. She was sticking up for her man. She was right. They were dropping passes all over the place. He was throwing the ball beautifully and they were dropping passes," said Trump.

But in Boston, the vitriol has reached a fever pitch since Sunday's big loss, followed by that now notorious rant against her husband Tom Brady's teammates. Check out this headline: "Has Gisele Become The Most Hated Woman In Boston?" 
The columnists are having a field day.

"Gisele Bundchen, all beauty, little brains." (Source: Boston Herald)

And talk show host Wendy Williams says, Bundchen deserves it.

Williams said, "Of course she's the most hated woman in Boston. What woman has not said five words too many to defend her man? But saying it at the Super Bowl on national TV with cameras present was the stupidest thing this woman could have ever done."

Brady is also coming under heat for putting his penthouse duplex in Boston on the market. The asking price is $10.9 million. Some see it as Brady distancing himself from the city. He and Bundchen have set up their home base at an incredible estate in Los Angeles.