Sandra Bullock Unlikely to Take Jesse Back

Sandra Bullock is reportedly making plans to leave her husband Jesse James, after news broke of his alleged affair. INSIDE EDITION has latest.

It looks like Sandra Bullock is dumping wayward husband Jesse James.

The actress's friend was quoted as saying, "It's unlikely that Sandra will take Jesse back. This is going to be a lot for her to overcome."

But the Oscar® winner's spokesperson told INSIDE EDITION reports that Sandra is said to be lawyering up, and has already interviewed several divorce attorneys, are not true.

Jesse James continues to bear the brunt of national outrage. In the new issue of US Weekly magazine, the headline blares "Married To A Monster."

According to the magazine, Sandra is "shattered" by Jesse's affair and was "completely duped" by his "vicious double life."

Bradley Jacobs of US Weekly magazine told INSIDE EDITION, "Sources tell us that Sandra is completely devastated. One said that it's as bad as when her mom died in 1997. She just can't look at Jesse. She can't speak to Jesse."

Jesse's mistress Michelle "Bombshell" McGee is not the only woman he had an inappropriate relationship with, according to US Weekly.

"This is not the first time that Jesse's cheated. It's the first time he's been caught. Sandra spends a lot of time away, and a friend tells us that when she's gone, Jesse gets bored."

Some are now questioning if there is a Neo-Nazi link between Jesse James and Michelle McGee, who was photographed wearing a swastika armband and a Nazi officer's hat.

Editors from US Weekly magazine say they have seen a photo of Jesse James wearing a Nazi officers cap, giving a heil Hitler salute. The magazine is also raising questions about the logo Jesse James chose for his business, West Coast Choppers.

Some see similarity between the West Coast Choppers logo and a symbol of the third Reich. Friends of Jesse's are coming to his defense, saying he is just a "history buff," "not a white supremacist" and he's "far from a Neo-Nazi."

"Most of Sandra's friends say that she will probably not stay with him. It's just not in her character to remain with Jesse after all this humiliation," said Jacobs.

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