Meet the 250-Pound Pole Dancer Who Is Comfortable In Her Own Skin

INSIDE EDITION speaks with Lulu, the 250-pound pole dancer from Baltimore, who is not ashamed to show off her curvy figure.

You've never seen a pole dancer like this.

Luayne Brown, whose stage name is Lulu, is 250-pounds. But that doesn't stop her from hoisting herself up the pole, swinging around, and even standing on her head.

It's a far cry from the image of pole dancers we're used to, like Elizabeth Berkeley in Showgirls and Demi Moore in Striptease.

But Brown is proud of her pole dancing. She even posts videos online, where many see her as an inspiration.

"Good job! It's great to see someone comfortable in their own skin," said one comment.

Another comment said: "You go girl. Be proud to be you!"

But some of the feedback can be cruel.

One comment said: "Not sexy!"

Another questioned: "Has she no dignity at all?"

Brown told INSIDE EDITION, "I don't care. I've never really cared what other people say, thought. You can think all you want as long as I'm happy, that is all that matters."

You won't find Barber at a strip club. Pole dancing is strictly a hobby for her.

The 26-year-old mom of two works at a car dealership by day. By night she works on her moves at a pole dancing studio in Baltimore.

She even takes part in competitions.

"There are days when I go, 'If I was a size 4 I would be the happiest girl in the world?' and then I think, ‘Oh Lu, get that out of your head. You should be happy with what you have now,'" said Brown.

Brown showed INSIDE EDITION her routine. She struggled to put on her killer heels and those back breaking moves took a lot of effort. After a few minutes, she was out of breath.
In competitions Brown is judged on artistry and athleticism. She hasn't won any yet but this plus sized pole dancer has no intention of stopping.

"People will make fun of you, people are going to hate you, if you don't like it, turn your head," Brown said.