Homemade Super Bowl Ads Create Millionaires

INSIDE EDITION caught up with the men who became millionaires from their homemade Doritos Super Bowl commercials that became fan favorites.  

It's the Doritos Super Bowl ad voted the very best by America. It has everthing: a bully, a grandma, a slingshot, and, of course, the adorable little baby.

But there's a backstory to this fan favorite that you haven't heard about. The ad was the brainchild of Kevin Willson who works out of his garage in Santa Monica, California.

"We were blown away. We did not expect that," said Willson.

Willson won a grand prize from Doritos, a cool million bucks, after he got the most votes cast online. The million dollars is going to be split among Willson's friends who helped make the ad.

"The money will be divided up between about forty or fifty people, all friends, who worked really hard," said Willson.

And one of those getting a cut is the 16-month-old star, Jonah Folk.

Fortunately, little Jonah was not shy during the shoot. And don't worry, that now famous scene of him in the slingshot was all special effects.

Dorritos also awarded $1 million to another popular homemade Super Bowl commercial. It's called "Man's Best Friend" and stars a dog that bribes a man with Doritos to cover up what the dog's done to  the neighbor's cat.

Johnathon Freidman of Virginia Beach, Virginia borrowed a buddy's Great Dane to star in the ad.  He said finding out he won was the biggest thrill of his life.

"They poured champagne all over me and I was in complete shock," said Freidman.

Get this...Friedman says he spent just $20 on the commercial that's now made him a millionaire.