Young Girl Escapes Near Abduction Inside Store

It's every parent's worst nightmare—a young child is nearly abducted inside a store. But thanks to lessons she learned in Stranger Danger class, she escaped without harm. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It was a nightmare in the toy aisle as a stranger tries to kidnap a seven-year-old girl in a Walmart. But this brave kid fought back, kicking and screaming until the creep let her go and fled.

It happened to Britney Baxter in an Atlanta area Walmart. She had been taught what to do in Stranger Danger class in school.

"He just grabbed me and picked me up," said Britney.

Her courageous fight against a grown man is making her a national hero.

Security expert Steve Kardian told INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander that Britney did evertything exactly right.

Alexander asked, "How did this little girl perform? Did she do the right thing?"

"She did a great thing. It's obvious she had some training. She did the exact right thing. Squiggle. He put her to the floor and once her feet hit the floor she started running," said Kardian.

He showed INSIDE EDITION what every child in America should know.

Demonstrating with a child inside a store, Kardian said, "As she's yelling, when I pick her up, she starts to squiggle and it makes me lose control of my arm, even though she's not that heavy. As she drops to the ground, if she can, she runs. If she can't, she drops down and puts her knees up to her chest and kicks."

Police say the man caught on tape trying to kidnap Britany is Thomas Woods, who served seven years for manslaughter and was released from prison just four months ago. He claims it's not him on the surveillance video.

A reporter asked Woods, "What happened in the store?"

"Nothing. I didn't bother nobody. I was never there," said Woods.

Britney was lucky. Other store surveillance cameras have captured haunting videos of abductions that ended tragically.

One video shows teenager Kelsey Smith shopping at a Target store near Kansas City. Outside the store there's a struggle as she is abducted. Kelsey was later found murdered.

Another video shows 11-year-old Carlie Brucia being kidnapped outside a car wash in Sarasota, Florida. She was also murdered.

Fortunately, quick thinking by little Britney prevented a tragic ending to the shocking video.