Charlie Sheen's Former Goddesses Speak Exclusively to INSIDE EDITION

Charlie Sheen's former goddesses speak exclusively to INSIDE EDITION to discuss what their lives are like now, one year after Sheen's infamous meltdown.

It's been exactly one year since Charlie Sheen's machete wielding meltdown that culminated in his firing from Two and a Half Men.

But whatever happened to the women who lived with him during that tumultuous time? The women Sheen called his goddesses.

What a difference a year makes.
Bree Olsen is now trying to put her porn past behind her.

Olsen told INSIDE EDITION, "I'm just like your girl next door except I did adult movies."

And Natalie Kenly has gone from blonde to brunette.

Kenly told INSIDE EDITION, "I'm not a goddess, I'm just a girl."

Before Sheen, Kenly worked as a nanny in Los Angeles, but she says her notoriety as a goddess has forced her to switch careers.
"I can't get nanny jobs anymore. People Google me and I'm done," said Kenly.
Living the high life behind the gated hilltop mansion was a different world for the 25-year-old from the Valley, who quickly fell in love with TV's highest paid actor.
INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asked, "Did you love him?"

Kenly responded, "Very much. I wouldn't have stayed if I didn't."

Sheen romanced her on his yacht, flew her on his private jet to play the dollar slots in Vegas, and they partied non-stop. But things were about to get even wilder as Sheen invited 25-year-old adult film star, Bree Olsen to move in.
"He said 'Bree Olsen is moving in' and what did you say?" asked Moret.

"Not much," responded Kenly

Moret then asked, "Were you upset?"

"I was very much in love with Charlie and it was obviously not an ideal situation for me," said Kenly.
Olsen agrees, she didn't like sharing Sheen either.
"I just wish certain people hadn't been there," said Olsen.

Olsen dislikes Kenly so much she refuses to refer to her by name and there's no love lost with Kenly either.

"My parents were really horrified when I was hanging out with her," Kenly said.

Now Olsen calls herself a former porn star. She is quitting to become a mainstream actress.
Moret asked, "Are you worried your porn past is going to haunt you in Hollywood?"
"I think it will be a tough transition for people to accept me in that way," Olsen responded.

Both former goddesses still keep in touch with Sheen.

Kenly said she speaks with him a couple of times a week and has a permanent reminder of their love affair - a tattoo of the letter "C" on her wrist and Sheen's signature on her foot.
Olsen also texts with Sheen every week, but no matter where these women go or what they do, they will forever be known as Sheen's goddesses.