Lost Tapes of Martin Luther King Assassination Surface

After more than four decades, lost recordings of the chaos surrounding Dr. Martin Luther King's assassination have surfaced. INSIDE EDITION reports.

They're the lost police radio tapes from the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Stunned witnesses point at the window where the assassin fired from. While the famed civil rights leader lay dying on the balcony of the Lorraine motel in Memphis. 

A voice on the recordings said, "We have information that King has been shot at the Lorraine. He has been shot."

The tapes continue with, "All TAC units on the call, you are to form a ring around the Lorraine motel."

The chaotic moments of Dr. King's assassination are vividly recaptured in a new Smithsonian Channel documentary, MLK: The Assassination Tapes.

"You feel like you're watching the events of the King assassination for the first time," said filmmaker Tom Jennings.