Stacy Francis Speaks About Incident With Whitney Houston

Former X Factor contestant Stacy Francis tells INSIDE EDITION what went on inside Tru Hollywood nightclub that led to the incident between Whitney Houston and her two days before the pop diva died.

Stacy Francis is the former X Factor contestant who says an out of control Whitney Houston lashed out at her, two days before her death.

"Unfortunately, I got caught up in the situation. I was very hurt. I was hurt on a lot of levels," said Francis.

Francis spoke to INSIDE EDITION's Lisa Guerrero about running into Houston in the VIP section of the Tru Hollywood nightclub.

"She was in good spirits. She was very witty," said Francis.

Guerrero asked, "At some point in the night things got ugly, didn't they? What happened?"

"At some point, something flipped for her. Like, my presence there, or whatever it was, something changed for her and I don't know what that was," said Francis.

Published reports claim Houston exploded because Francis was talking to Houston's boyfriend, Ray J., the little brother of pop star Brandy. 

Francis said, "I've known Ray J. for twenty years. And I know his family and I love them very much. I don't know the dynamics of the relationship."

Francis said Houston did indeed get physical with her.

"I looked over at her and she moved my face away, so that I wouldn't get into her conversation," said Francis.

Guerrero asked, "What did she say to you when she did that?"

"She rolled her eyes and moved my face away," replied Francis.

Then, Francis said Houston apologized. "She apologized to me. She apologized and I accepted her apology."

Houston emerged from the club that night sweaty and looking a wreck. She cursed at photographers.

Francis said, "The world has known that Whitney Houston was an addict."

And what about the apparent blood on Houston's leg, and the scratch on her arm?

"There was nothing that went on between us that caused that. I don't know what that was. The thing that I thank God for and that I will always thank him for, is that I did not hit her. She did not hit me. It was not that," said Francis.