A Young Boy Confronts His Twin Sisters Killer In Court

Nine-year-old Samuel Thompson stunned a Florida courtroom when he yelled at the man who murdered his twin sister. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It was an electrifying moment in court, as a nine-year-old boy is totally drained as he shouted at his sister's murderer.

As Jarred Harrell was sentenced to life in prison for kidnapping and murdering little Somer Thompson, the words of her twin brother Samuel, will echo in his mind for a long time.

"She trusted you, but you did what you had to do and look where it got you. And now you're going to jail," said Samuel.

Diena Thompson, Samuel and Somer's mother told INSIDE EDITION, "He made me so proud. He was extremely brave."

Diena's life was turned upside-down in October 2009 when Samuel's twin sister, Somer, was kidnapped while walking home from school outside Jacksonville, Florida.

The seven-year-old was sexually molested and strangled before being dumped in the trash by Harrell.

He faced the death penalty for his horrendous crime, but pled guilty to all charges in exchange for life without parole.

But first, Somer's loved ones would have their say at the emotional sentencing, more than two years after the crime. One by one, they spoke - her mother, her aunt, her grandmother. The killer hung his head to avoid looking at them.

"You should look at me, the mother of the child that you strangled and raped and threw in the trash. Somer was an innocent child. Before you took her life, you took her virginity, her dignity, and then you took her life," said Diena on the stand.

Somer's older sister, Abigail, broke down as she vented her anger.

"You're not even a human being. Your name is not Jarred Harrell, your name is Monster," said Abigail.

Perhaps little Samuel was hardest hit by the loss of his sister, as twins often are, they were extremely close.

"He says, ‘I'm like a plane with no wings without Somer,' " said Diena.

At first, Samuel wasn't going to take the stand.

"He said he didn't want to do it and then, sitting in court listening to everyone else in my family give their impact statement, he wrote an impact statement right then and there," said Diena.

The words he spoke as he glared at the killer are unforgettable.

Diena said, "He did amazing, he blew me away. He'd been so quiet, waiting for this moment."

At a press conference after court, Samuel stated: "Now he deserves to suffer and will rot in jail for the rest of his life."

The family has started a foundation to help victims of crimes against children. Please go to The Somer Thompson Foundation website for more information - www.somerthompsonfoundation.org.