Will Bobbi Kristina Hold Up at Whitney Houston's Funeral?

Will Whitney Houston's devastated daughter, Bobbi Kristina attend the funeral for her mother? INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

It's the troubling question hanging over Whitney Houston's funeral: how will her devastated daughter hold up?

18-year-old Bobbi Kristina has already been hospitalized twice with overwhelming grief.

As Whitney's funeral is held, will Bobbi Kristina have a Paris-Jackson-type moment, stepping bravely into the spotlight to pay tribute to her beloved parent?

Family friend Kim Barrell said, "Just to be able to say goodbye is a role hard enough to play. So hopefully she can get the strength just to go and honor her mother."

Published reports say that Houston's family is trying to keep Bobbi Kristina apart from her father, Bobby Brown, fearful that he may make a play for the millions his daughter stands to inherit.

Zach Jafarzadeh dated Bobbi Kristina for more than two years.

"I know she's with her father right now," Jafarzadeh said.

Jafarzdeh confirmed reports to INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney that Houston gave Bobbi Kristina a massive allowance.

"Is it true Whitney actually gave her daughter $1,000 a week as an allowance?" McInerney asked.

"Yeah, it was crazy to me too. It was so incredible. To them, I don't think a $1,000 was that much.They spent a lot of money," Jafarzadeh said.

McInerney asked, "What did Bobbi Kristina do with that money every week?"

"We'd out to eat a lot. We'd go to the mall, go to the movies," Jafarzadeh answered.

Jafarzadeh remains hopeful that Bobbi Kristina can endure the final goodbye to her mom.

"She has the heart of a lion. I'm sure she'll make it through," he said.