The Movie Sarah Palin Does Not Want You To See

The upcoming HBO movie, Game Change has put Sarah Palin on pre-emptive damage control to prove the details of the movie are wrong. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Sarah Palin is in full attack mode, taking aim at the controversial HBO movie, Game Change, starring Julianne Moore. It tells the story of her overnight rise to national prominence in 2008.

And now Palin is fighting back at the yet-to-be-seen movie. She's released 69 photos on her website that she says proves the movie is pure fiction.

In the movie, presidential candidate John McCain and his staffers panic that they had made the wrong choice in going with Palin. 

To counter, Palin released photos showing smiling McCain staffers congratulating her after her now famous debate with Democrat Joe Biden. As for accusations she was unprepared, one image Palin posted shows her working hard in prep sessions with senator Joe Lieberman.

As for being called a diva, Palin showed an image of her buying diapers on the campaign.  Not very diva-like.

The movie also shows her having what looks like a nervous breakdown because she misses her children.  But in photos she released she is with her children on the campaign bus playing games and doing homework with them.

In the film, Palin is said to be upset at being skewered on Saturday Night Live. But the pictures she posted show her having fun with the cast, even helping, Jason Sudeikis, with his hair to make him look more like her husband Todd.

Palin told Fox News, "I am ambivolant about it. I will not waste my time watching it."

Palin has said she will not see the movie but some doubt that.