Reporter Serene Branson One Year Later

INSIDE EDITION caught up with the reporter who had a startling episode on live TV one year ago where she couldn't speak correctly.

It was the medical crisis seen around the world. Beautiful TV reporter Serene Branson talking gibberish during a live broadcast from last year's Grammys®.

Well, this year's Grammys® just aired. So how is Branson doing exactly one year later?

She's now fully recovered, working as a reporter and weekend anchor for K-CBS and K-CAL in Los Angeles and handling her on-air duties with no problems.

"I went back to doing what I do best," said Branson.

At the time of her brain freeze moment, many feared Branson was having a stroke, live on air.

She said she had even more troubling symptoms right after she went off camera.

"I dropped the microphone, my left side of my face went numb, my left arm went numb. I was terrified, I was scared, I started crying. Then I start thinking the worst. I have a brain tumor, I'm never going to be able to broadcast again, this must be terminal," said Branson

But she was later diagnosed with a treatable neurological condition called migraine aura. Surprisingly, Branson's mother had made the same diagnosis when she saw the live-on-air report.

"My mom said, 'See, I was right,' because she'd had them and they're hereditary. And she'd had a few in her early thirties, where she couldn't speak. She wasn't on live television," said Branson.

Branson found herself the focus of worldwide attention when her incoherent babbling went viral.
30 Rock even spoofed her.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asked, "30 Rock spoofed you. How did that feel?"

"Bizarre," said Branson.

But there's one particular word Branson had no trouble getting out—the word "yes" when her fiancé Matthew proposed.

Now, for Branson, that crisis night at the Grammys® is just a memory.

"Have you had any episodes since?" asked Moret.

"They've not gone so far as where they've affected my speech. I have medicine that I can now take any time I feel those symptoms coming on, I take that medicine right away, because I don't want to go down that road again," said Branson.