Rihanna and Chris Brown Singing Together Again

Chris Brown is featured on a remix to Rihanna's new hit single. Some are shocked and surprised that she would work with him again. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Is this the right message to send to young female fans?

Not only is Rihanna back in touch with the man who beat her, now she's making music with Chris Brown.

Hoda Kotb said on Today show on Tuesday, "Rihanna and Chris Brown, this one shocked me. They are collaborating again."

In the shocking lyrics of her just released remix of her hit song, "Birthday Cake" which  features, of all people, Chris Brown. Brown sings "Been a long time I've been missing your body, let me turn the lights down low."

On The Talk on Tuesday, Sharon Osbourne was fired up and said, "He is on probation from beating her up. He's not finished his probation yet. She knows what she is getting herself into, so God bless her." 

Showbiz Tonight's A.J. Hammer told INSIDE EDITION, "It is hard for me to believe that they would actually do something like this for publicity. Neither of them really need it."

Rihanna was in London on Monday as fans sang "Happy Birthday" to her as she left her hotel.  

Brown also tweeted a birthday greeting: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBYN!," using Rihanna's real name. To which Rihanna replied, "THANKS."

A new photo of Rihanna as a Navy soldier from her latest movie, Battleship has surfaced. The movie is based off the popular board game. The director says her performance is "Really, really good." Battleship premieres in May.