More Details About Whitney Houston From Her Former Limo Driver

INSIDE EDITION is learning more dark details about the late Whitney Houston's supposed drug abuse and life with Bobby Brown from her former limo driver.

Whitney Houston's limo driver for 15-years says he saw Houston taking massive amounts of drugs in his rear view mirror.
"Rock cocaine use, smokable coke, crack, if you will," said Houston's driver, Al Bowman.

He says Houston knew her crack habit was destroying her golden voice. He overheard her tell one of her handlers she was going to have to fake her way through a concert.

"Her PR handler said, ‘Don't worry about it. I don't think anyone would notice' and Whitney, she was very adamant about it and I remember she said, ‘I'll notice' because she was a consummate performer and she didn't want to be faking it," said Bowman.

Bowman also claimed that Houston knew she was a drug addict.

"She said, 'This is the only stuff that keeps me alive.' And it was at that point, it was that trigger when you go, 'Man, this person is a wonderful entertainer but they need some help.' "

Once Houston was so out of it, her daughter Bobbi Kristina, then only seven years old, had to help her walk through an airport.

Bowman said, "She had to be helped like an old woman. Her complexion was kind of gray. She had a scarf on her head. She was taking very short scooting steps. The kid was frowning, hardly a word was spoken. She had been on some sort of bender for days. That's the only way you end up like that."

And he claims he was there when her then husband Bobby Brown pressured Houston to give up big movie roles she was offered.
Bowman said, "I saw him ripping on her for wanting to do more motion pictures. He didn't like it, telling her she's a singer not an actress, that's not her world. And I do believe that's why we didn't see her doing more films. He hated her doing them. I don't know why."