Adele Flips The Bird

While making her acceptance speech at Tuesday's Brit Awards in London, Adele was cut short, so she showed her true feelings. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

If you're going to give the most popular singer in the world an award, here's a warning - do not interrupt her.

While Adele was giving her acceptance speech at Tuesday night's Brit Awards, the host steped in to tell her it was time to wrap it up.

"So sorry to do this," said host James Corden to Adele. Adele quickly responded and said, "Ok, let me just say thanks and see you next year."

Adele let it be known with one finger that she was not at all pleased.

The network airing the live telecast from London, issued an apology for the crude gesture, just like the National Football League did when rapper M.I.A. gave the finger during Madonna's half-time Super Bowl performance.

After the show, Adele said it was a message to the producers of the show, not her fans.

"I flung the middle finger, but that finger was for the suits at the Brit Awards and not to my fans. I was about to thank the British public for all their support and they cut me off. I am sorry if I offended anyone."

Meanwhile, Rihanna really wowed them at the Brit Awards with her performance.

Back in America, her fresh collaboration with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, who beat her up three years ago, continues to generate a lot of negative reaction.

Wednesday's New York Times called it, "A woman publicly accepting her abuser - nothing more, nothing less."