Ray J Outraged Over Radio Hoax

A man pretending to be Whitney Houston's boyfriend, Ray J called into a Chicago radio station and the real Ray J is reportedly furious with the imposter. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

A Whitney Houston hoax has triggered uproar.

Just days after Houston's boyfriend Ray J was overcome with emotion at her funeral, a Chicago radio station aired a fake call-in interview with a man claiming to be Ray J.

The caller then had the nerve to joke about a heartbreaking photo of Ray J breaking down at Los Angeles airport on Sunday, the day after the funeral.

"A lot of people going to try to make it seem like, you know, I broke down in the airport about Whitney, man. But it's like, I swear to God, man, I had lost my sister's car key and I know how she feels about that. That combined with Whitney passing, man," said the caller.

INSIDE EDITION has learned that Ray J is furious about the insensitive stunt and is thinking of taking legal action.

And it's being reported that Houston's troubled daughter, Bobbi Kristina, is now back in Atlanta at the townhouse complex she and her mother once shared.

INSIDE EDITION also learned that Aretha Franklin, who missed the funeral Saturday, sent Houston's mom Cissy Houston a giant bouquet of flowers Tuesday. The note was signed simply, "Love, Aretha."

Franklin says she couldn't make the funeral because she was suffering from leg cramps. But she did perform at Radio City Music Hall that night.

"Aretha was devastated she missed the service," said a source close to Houston's family. "She sent Cissy flowers to her house, telling her how terrible she felt, how she really wanted to be there."