Was Star Jones Ambushed on The View?

Everyone is talking about the fireworks on The View when Star Jones made her first appearance on the show since she was not renewed as a co-host. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

TV personality Donny Deutch on the Today show this morning came to the defense of Star Jones after her first appearance on The View since her stormy departure six years ago.

"It was cruel what her and Joy did. I felt like I was watching the mean girls in a 7th grade cafeteria pick on a vulnerable girl. They ambushed her yesterday," said Deutch.

Jones now makes regular appearances on the Today show along with Dr. Nancy Snyderman.

Snyderman said, "I watched it live in my office and I have to say the pain on your face was extraordinarily apparent."

Her reunion played out on The View six years after she was fired from the show with Barbara Walters saying, "The truth about your departure, is that when your contract expired a decision was made for various reasons..."

"Oh Barbara, are you really going to go there? Do we care at this point my sister? I mean, I honestly don't," said Jones.

Things remained tense as Joy Behar brought up Jones' 160 pound weight loss.

"We were told, 'Don't say gastric bypass,' " said Behar.

"That's right," said Jones.

"Say it was pilates, and dieting, or portion control," said Behar.

Walters said, "We did lie. We never said it."

"I don't know if their ratings are down, or why they need to do that. It was cruel," remarked Deutch.

"I am a big girl and I can take care of myself," said Jones.