The Secret Lives of Dogs

Do you ever wonder what your dog is doing while you're away all day? You won't believe what INSIDE EDITION's hidden cameras found.

Two pet owners were stunned when they saw what happened when they left their precious pooches home alone.

When Katie Hamm, of Rochester, NY, took her three dogs for a walk, she let INSIDE EDITION set up video cameras throughout her home.

"I expect them to be sleeping a lot of the time," Hamm said.

But she was in for a surprise!

Once alone, the dogs headed straight for the garbage pail, making a mess of it.

Then, mischievous Mona spotted a discarded muffin wrapper. She swiped it and headed for the couch, where she then devoured her paper treat.

Lovable Lilly then wandered into the bedroom. After sniffing around a pile of laundry, she proceeded to urinate all over it!

Hamm was stunned when she came home and saw the footage.

"So this is what they do when I'm not home!" she said.

But Hamm's case is not that unusual as dogs left alone often get into mischief.

When Hudson the Lab was left home alone, he raided the fridge, taking apple juice and even a six-pack of beer!

In Ridgewood, New Jersey, Samantha Burns left her boxer mix, Hunter, all by himself.

After making sure the coast was clear, Hunter headed for the couch where she buried a bone!

So what did these pet owners learn?

"It's just like men: you can't trust them when you're not around," Hamm said.