One Woman's Advice to Sandra Bullock - Run!

Advice to Sandra Bullock from some women who've dealt with Jesse James is to "run!" One woman says he is a "terrible person," and another says he's a "chronic cheater." INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

"An evil, brutal, terrible person." That's what one woman is calling Jesse James, and her advice to Sandra Bullock? One word: "Run!"

DeAnn McClung sued Jesse James in 2000, claiming he forced her to have sex with him while she worked at his West Coast Choppers garage.

"He forced me to have sex, kidnapped me, locked me up and threatened me." McClung is quoted as saying in an 2005 interview, "He ruined my life."

McClung claims in the lawsuit she was fired because she refused to "give in to James's further sexual advances." The case was settled out of court.

James is quoted as calling the allegations "utterly baseless then and equally without merit now."

It's also being reported that James paid $725,000 to another woman who used to work at West Coast Choppers. She claimed that he repeatedly made sexual advances in 2006 and 2007, while he was already married to Sandra Bullock.

But the new issue of People magazine, out Friday, says Bullock was totally blindsided by her husband's betrayal and only learned about it just hours before the story broke.

West Coast Editor of Mike Fleeman said, "This came as a huge blow to her. People are telling us now that Jesse is very chameleon-like. That he can be one thing with Sandra and then something else with other people. It was almost as if he was play-acting, that being married to Sandra Bullock, the movie star, was just one aspect of his life, but that he had another side."

People says Bullock is being supported by small inner circle of close friends as she decides her next move.

"Right now she doesn't know really what to think. She wants time to sort this out, time to grieve, time to figure out what she should do next, " said Fleeman.

James' ex- wife Janine Lindemoulder tells In Touch Weekly that the sex scandal is way worse than the Oscar®-winner knows.

"He's a chronic cheater," the former porn star tells the magazine. She says her ex cheated on her within weeks of their marriage. She is convinced there were many "other women" in addition to Michelle "Bombshell" McGee. She also said she feels sorry for Sandra because she was so in love with Jesse that she was blind and gullible.

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