A New Drama for the Kennedy Family

The son of the late Robert Kennedy has caused a headache for the family as he got into a confrontation with nurses when he tried to take his two-day-old son out of the maternity ward. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A violent confrontation between a member of the Kennedy clan and two hospital nurses was caught on camera.

It happened as Douglas Kennedy, son of the late senator Robert Kennedy, tried to take his two-day-old son out of a maternity ward.

Inside an elevator, first one nurse, then another, stopped him.

He then went into a stairwell and one of the nurses was knocked to the floor. She says Kennedy kicked her.

The incident happened at a hospital north of New York City. Kennedy has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child and two counts of harassment. He has pled not guilty and said he just wanted to take his newborn baby outside for some fresh air.

Pediatrician Dr. Lawrence Rosen told INSIDE EDITION, "One of the things that concerns me, when watching the video is the potential for confrontation. You really don't want to get into an argument while you are holding the baby."

An emergency room doctor on the scene, Dr. Timothy Haydock, said the nurses were "the only aggressors." The doctor is said to be a personal friend of Douglas Kennedy.

In a statement a hospital spokesperson, "completely supports the actions of our nursing staff."

The 44-year-old Fox News channel reporter is the youngest son of Robert Kennedy. He was just 15-months-old when his father was assassinated.

Kennedy called the allegations "Absurd, sickening and warped." He and his wife, Molly, said in a statement, "We're looking forward to having a full picture of the events that occurred that night come to light."