Jesse James's Mistress Told People He Said His Marriage to Bullock was a Sham

INSIDE EDITION has another "Bombshell" revelation in the scandal surrounding Jesse James and Sandra Bullock. Michelle "Bombshell" McGee told former employers that James said his marriage to the actress was a sham.

"Michelle told me that Jesse said that the marriage between himself and Sandra Bullock was a sham and that it was just for PR purposes," Dani Madrano tells INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret.

It's a bombshell revelation in the mushrooming Sandra Bullock-Jesse James scandal.

Dani and Tony Madrano employed James's mistress, Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, for their California models website.

"Michelle told me the very first time I met her that she was dating Jesse James," Dani says.

"She acted as if they had a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. It wasn't just a casual hookup, it was ongoing," adds Tony.

"What did Michelle say about Jesse's marriage?" asks Jim Moret.

"Michelle was told by Jesse that the marriage was just a PR stunt, it was a sham," Dani says.

"What was your reaction when you heard that?" Moret asks.

"I was a little surprised at first but then, Jesse James and Sandra Bullock are opposites. If you look at Jesse James's past wife, his ex-wife, she looks a lot more like Michelle Bombshell than she does Sandra Bullock," says Dani.

Bullock and James's 2005 wedding was like a collision of two completely different worlds. The bride and groom arrived for the ceremony in a red pick-up truck...there was even a spare tire in the back.

McGee's former employers say James's appearance on Celebrity Apprentice in 2009 provided proof to them that she was indeed seeing him.

Dani tells Moret, "She had some private information that she shared with me about The Apprentice that came out later. It was once I saw The Apprentice that I said, 'Oh, she knew that prior.' "

When McGee came to work for the couple, they were struck by her tattoos. Dennis McGee remembers when his daughter first developed a taste for body art.

"She started with a few piercings. And I believe around 16 she got her first tattoo on her back," he said.

When her father objected, she told him, "It's my body; I'll do whatever I want with it."

Before the tattoos, McGee had been a sweet-faced blonde with all-American looks. She was a star athlete and soccer player.

Dennis McGee says he has a great relationship with his daughter these days, but they agree to disagree about all of her tattoos.

"We sort of don't talk about the tattoos," he said.