A Look At Davy Jones' Marriage

INSIDE EDITION takes a look at the marriage of Davy Jones and his wife Jessica, who was half his age.

A tense moment between Davy Jones and his much younger wife, Jessica on the Dr. Phil show. The tension was over the fact that he left a spoon on the kitchen counter.

"The world would be a better place if he put the spoon on a plate," Dr. Phil said.

"I wouldn't have to clean it everytime I pass by," Jessica replied.

The show's theme was "Reality Stars Real Fights," and behind the laughter was a serious issue – Jones and his wife were very different people.

Jessica, who was half Jones' age, came off as a control freak.

But Jones was no day at the beach either; he wouldn't allow Jessica to play music in the car.

Jessica said, "In the car, he turns off the radio right away."

Davy replied, "You can't go into a supermarket, you cant go into a restaurant, you cant go into a department store with music, music, music, all the time."

"Excuse me - that's good for you," said Jessica.

Dr. Phil, perplexed by the whole situation asked Jones, "Aren't you in the music business?"

Jones answered, "Yeah, that's when the curtain goes up and I go - 'Hey, hey, I'm a Monkee.' "

Jones and Jessica exchanged wedding vows in 2009, 29 days later they appeared on the new Newlywed Game, where Jones reveiled he popped the question to Jessica while buying doughnuts.

The Bold and the Beautiful actor Ron Moss and his wife Devon, a former Playboy Playmate, appeared on that same episode.

"Jessica was very organized. She was kind of like the task master and that did show, but he was totally into it," Moss told INSIDE EDITION.

"I thought they were adorable," said Devon.

Reports of domestic violence within the marriage were denied by Jones.

In the end, it was humor that seemed to keep them together; they could even joke about their love life.