Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook Feud Heats Up

The feud between Christie Brinkley and ex-husband Peter Cook continues as he says she's "starved for attention" and Brinkley wants him to be fined for allegedly harassing her. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Four years after their bitter split, a war of words is breaking out between Christie Brinkley and ex-husband Peter Cook.

In a blog, Cook calls Brinkley a "narcissistic egomaniac" and "a second-rate celebrity starved for attention."

He writes, "she is far more concerned with the mirror than our children."

"Her Billy Joel, 'Uptown Girl' fame faded long ago and the only way left for her to garner media attention is to continue to publicize the tawdry details of her 'nasty divorce' from her fourth failed marriage," wrote Cook.

Still gorgeous at 58, Brinkley is firing back, accusing Cook of "intimidation" and an "ongoing smear campaign"  and sending her "aggressive e-mails."  She's seeking $140,000 in court-imposed fines for allegedly violating their divorce decree.

It gets even nastier. Cook claims in court papers that when Brinkley appeared in the Broadway musical Chicago last year playing Roxie Hart, she had to move to New York City—leaving him to care for their 2 kids.

We spoke with Cook's lawyer, James Winkler.

"Not only did she go into the city to perform, but she went to London. It was a total of five months, and during that period of time she left the children with Peter," said Winkler.

Brinkley is joining the national tour of Chicago later this year, and Cook claims she's leaking the tawdry details of their bitter feud in an effort to drum up publicity.