After Losing Family in Plane Crash, Woman Faces Foreclosure

INSIDE EDITION talks to the woman who lost her entire family in a tragic plane crash just before the holidays, and now faces foreclosure on her home near Phoenix.

When Karen Perry looks out the window of her daughter's bedroom she can see the mountain where her entire family was killed in a fiery plane crash.

Karen's three children, Morgan, Luke, and Logan died along with their father Shawn when their private plane slammed into Superstition Mountain outside Phoenix.

Surveillance video captured the moment of impact when the plane exploded into a ball of flame. The call to 911 was chilling.
911 Caller: "We were watching it and it just kinda flew right into the (blank) mountain!"

Karen is still in shock from losing her family on the night before Thanksgiving.

"The memories I have of my children here will never go away. Nobody will take those away from me ever," said Perry.

The house has memories that won't go away, like her boys' drawings on the wall, and the propeller used as a ceiling fan.

The boys loved flying. Their dad shared custody and flew them to his house every other week. It was his turn to have them for the long Thanksgiving holiday. When it was time to leave, Karen says her youngest, six-year-old Luke almost got out of the house without kissing her goodbye.

"I said, 'No, you get back over here and give me a hug, give me a kiss. I love you.' I'm so glad I did that because it was the last time I ever got to hug and kiss him," said Perry.

INSIDE EDITION was with Perry as she hiked up Superstition Mountain for the first time since the tragedy. You can still see the blackened marks on the peak where the plane crashed.

Perry remarked, "I look at the mountain and it's such a peaceful place, such a beautiful place. And yet, it is where my children died."

Now, Perry is being dealt another devastating blow—she may lose her home to foreclosure, due to financial problems.

It's almost impossible for her to pack up the children's bedrooms. They are exactly as they left them for the last time. As she went through the house she found little toys her nine-year-old daughter Morgan left behind.

Karen tearfully said, "She placed them in all these different places in the house, almost like 'You're not going to forget me.' "

To help Perry, you can donate to the Perry Family Memorial.