Father Found Guilty of Beating Teen Faints in Court

A father fainted in court when he was found guilty of brutally beating a teenage boy after he monitored a fist fight between the boy and his own son. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

A 6'5" dad fainted in court when he was found guilty of beating up a teenager. It was a crime that shocked the nation after it was caught on camera.

Gary Johnson had to be taken from the courtroom on a gurney.

Johnson landed in trouble when he refereed a fight between his son and another teen last August.

The dad told police he was there to "Monitor the fight and make sure it was a fair fight."

When Johnson's son had enough of the fight, he walked away. The dad even shook hands with the other teenager, like a good sportsman. But then things exploded.

Johnson began fighting the teen. As the 16-year-old tried to protect his face, the dad rained blows on him.

Johnson even kicked the teenager when he was down. All this came from a guy who was supposedly concerned about fighting fair.

When the youth got up, another punch floored him. Johnson's son came out and pulled his father away.

The video sent shockwaves across the country.

Incredibly, Johnson, an emergency room technician, claimed the beating was self-defense. But the jury didn't buy it and when the verdict of guilty came down, Johnson collapsed.