Christie Brinkley's Ex-husband Lashes Out

Their divorce may have been finalized a while ago, but Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook continue to engage in a bitter and public war of words. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

One of the nastiest celebrity divorces ever, just got uglier, as Christie Brinkley's ex, Peter Cook lashed out at her on Good Morning America.

"To be called a deadbeat dad to me, is such a horrible, vengeful, spiteful thing. Besides the fact that it's totally untrue," said Cook. "The problem is that Ms. Brinkley thinks that these agreements were crafted to govern me, and me alone."

That's right, Cook can't even utter his ex-wife's first name. And he's unapologetic about those nasty comments he made about her on a blog, calling her "a second-rate celebrity starved for attention."

Elizabeth Vargas said, "Sounds nasty from the outside looking in."

"That is nasty, but I was pushed for it," said Cook.

Now the supermodel is firing back, releasing this biting statement through her attorney.

"Peter Cook is the only one to go on national television spewing sexist, disgraceful, demonstrably false lies, which gives a taste of the bullying and harassment Christie has had to endure,"

Brinkley's statement goes on to say, "Peter is the only one who betrayed his marriage vows, embarrassed himself and hurt his family by having an affair with a teenage girl and admitting to an extensive pornography habit."

"Am I the villain, that you're going to publicly castrate as she's doing to me in the press. Or am I the good dad? Because in a few weeks, she's going to surrender the kids to me again," said Cook.

Cook says if he were a bad guy, Brinkley wouldn't be leaving their two children in his care while she goes on a national tour with the musical Chicago in May.

Cook went on to say, "I was punished very thoroughly for my indiscretions in my marriage, and I don't think it's fair to punish me every year."

You can see more of Cook's interview Wednesday on Nightline.