The Dad Who Shot His Daughter's Laptop Speaks Out

The father who took his rage out on his daughters laptop by shooting at it, spoke to the Today show to discuss what happened. INSIDE EDITION explains.

Angry dad, Tommy Jordan became a worldwide YouTube sensation when he fired shots at his daughter's laptop.  

Now, the dad who until recently let his .45 caliber handgun do the talking when his daughter posted a nasty Facebook message about her parents is speaking out.

Appearing on the Today show on Wednesday, Jordan said, "I have a great daughter. She made a mistake that day; I made a mistake that day."

And though he has some regrets for what he did, this ex-Marine who runs a tech company in North Carolina, isn't backing down, as he explained on the Today show.

"I can't change it. I did what I did, I stand by what I did, I still do," said Jordan.

His YouTube clip has an astonishing 31 million hits and the comments are overwhelmingly favorable.

"She needed that. She deserves the embarrassment of this video," said one viewer.

Another viewer said, "That was awesome! This is what America needs, more hardworking, respectable fathers taking control of their family out of love."

Others disagreed.

"This father is stupid, no matter what the child did; shooting the laptop is never acceptable," said one viewer.

Jordan's 15-year-old daughter Hannah Marie is an honor student whose rant against her parents triggered her dad's rage.

Now, a month later, father and daughter have made amends.

Hannah Marie said on Today, "I think he overreacted a little bit, but I understand."

Jordan's wife, Veterinarian Dr. Amy Jordan, is Hannah Marie's stepmother; she wants the world to know her husband isn't a trigger-happy crazy-man.

Dr. Jordan said, "People might look at that video or us and might think we're completely uneducated country people. That's not the case. He's very intelligent, very thoughtful."

Dr. Phil might disagree.

"You never, ever humiliate your child publicly," said Dr. Phil to the family on Today.

INSIDE EDITION showed the interview to Dr. Gail Saltz for her take.

"They looked like a united family. Father and daughter looked like they had made up. The parents looked like they were on the same page as each other and that looks terrific, but one never really knows what is really going on," said Dr. Saltz.

Hannah Marie is still grounded for what she did, and as for her bullet-riddled laptop, it's not as bad as you might think, before shooting the daylights out of it, Tommy Jordan had the presence of mind to remove the hard drive.

Jordan presented Hannah Marie with the drive and said, "I saved your data. Whenever you get a laptop, you might put that in it."