Dionne Warwick Speaks On Whitney Houston's Death

Whitney Houston's cousin, Dionne Warwick is speaking publicly for the first time about Houston's shocking death. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Dionne Warwick is speaking out for the first time since Whitney Houston's sudden death.

Warwick was front and center at Houston's funeral and the raw emotion was still evident Thursday morning during her appearance on Good Morning America.

"I'm heading towards being okay. I have not had an opportunity to really mourn, or completely break down, which I will do. I know that," said Warwick.

She recalled the last time she spoke to Houston, just hours before her death.

"I spoke to her that afternoon. She was so up and ready and happy. She had everything in the world to live for," recalled Warwick.

Warwick says everyone is rallying around Bobbi Kristina. But there are reports that some family members are not happy with the upcoming Oprah interview because they want to shield the teenager from the spotlight.

"That's the one thing that I love about my family—that we are a family. She has the support that she actually needs," said Warwick.

And everyone is still buzzing about Houston's will, first obtained by INSIDE EDITION. The documents reveal a whirlwind of family drama in the days following Houston's death on February 11.

On February 29th, her mom, Cissy signed a document relinquishing her role as executor. She was replaced by Whitney's sister-in-law, Patricia Houston.

Litigation attorney Rosemarie Arnold told INSIDE EDITION, "She's an elderly woman. She's in her 70's. She lives in New Jersey. The will needs to be probated in Georgia. Pat is in a much better postion, physically and mentally to be able to go ahead and do all of those things that an executor needs to do in this case."

Bobbi Kristina's signature can be seen on the will identifying her as Houston's beneficiary and sole heir.

She signed the documents just two days ago. Her signature was witnessed by a notary public in Fulton County, Georgia.

To see a portion of Whitney Houston's will, click on the PDF attachment at the top of this article.

Last night, American Idol paid homage to Whitney Houston. The standout was contestant Jessica Sanchez who performed a pitch perfect rendition of Houston's signature song, "I Will Always Love You."

The petite 16-year-old nailed the classic song, note for note.

Jennifer Lopez said, "Just amazing."