Celebrities and Everyday Moms Pole Dance For Fitness

These mothers have an off-beat way of staying in shape, they pole dance. INSIDE EDITION introduces you to the "Pole pumas."

Jennifer Love Hewitt got steamy wearing only a bra and a black pencil skirt in a new photo shoot for Maxim magazine.

So, how does the actress keep her flawless curves? Pole dancing.

She told the magazine, on stands March 13, "It's a great way to stay in touch with your sexuality." She calls it her 'Secret skill.'

And the "Pole Pumas" would definitely agree.   

The "Pole Pumas" are women who exercise on stripper poles to tighten and tone their bodies.

Becca Armijo is a 42-year-old single mom and is one of the instructors at Siren Fitness in Redondo Beach, California.

In fact, the class is mostly made up of moms, like 46-year-old Tina Oliver, who said some co-workers make fun of her sensual exercise routine.
"One friend at work says, 'You're going to your stripper class.' I'm like 'No, I'm not going to my stripper class I'm going to my pole dancing class,' " said Oliver.

Another puma, 51-year-old Norma Imhoff, pole dances for her husband.
"I've been married 23 years, been with the same man 28 and I gotta say he loves this," said Imhoff.  

So, if you want a sexy body like Jennifer Love Hewitt, who is also steaming up TV sets in the Lifetime series The Client List, you might want to give pole dancing a try.