The Most Disgusting House in America?

INSIDE EDITION speaks with a homeowner who says that a renter had become a hoarder, and recorded the mountain of filth he had to clean up.

It just might be the most disgusting house in America.  

Chris Wark owns a house in Memphis, Tennessee. He rented it to a responsible teacher who paid her rent on time for seven years, but then something went seriously wrong.  

When she stopped paying rent, Wark dropped by to see what the problem was.

"She said, 'I am having emotional problems,' " said Wark.

Wark told INSIDE EDITION, "There was so much garbage, it was piled two to three feet in some places. There was no pathway to walk on, so you litterally had to step up on the garbage to get in anywhere."

"I peaked through the windows and found a massive pile of garbage. There was a sinking feeling of dread," said Wark.

He then grabbed his camera and took the video that's gone viral on YouTube.

"You can see a small love seat practically buried in the corner. The garbage under my feet is probably 18-inches and it's solid. There's a little pile of liquor bottles over there," said Wark in his YouTube video.

He then continued, "There are flies buzzing all around me you probably can't tell. I am starting to itch it feels like bugs are crawling up my pants leg."

As Wark got further into the home, it just got worse.

As shocking as the video was, the home has gone from absolute filth to a dramatic transformation. Once again this house is ready to be a home.

"It took a crew of about eight to ten guys. It took two days and their were three trailers full of garbage," said Wark.

Although he had to evict the woman, he said he does feel sorry for her.

"It was hard to imagine how someone could live like this. Clearly she has a mental illness and needs help," said Wark.