Meet The Cast of Shahs of Sunset

It is being called "The Persian Shore," and stirring controversy in the Iranian-American community. INSIDE EDITION sits down with cast members of Bravo's new reality show Shahs of Sunset.

It's being called the Jersey Shore, Persian style. Six Americans of Iranian decent living it up in Beverly Hills in the new Bravo reality series, Shahs of Sunset.

Unlike the Jersey Shore gang, this cast is rich and come off spoiled.

"Two things I don't like, I don't like ants and I don't like ugly people," said one cast member on the show.

"I'm 30 years old and my only paycheck is from my daddy," said another.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret sat down with two cast members, Reza Frahan and MJ.

Frahan is openly gay, which he says is not allowed in Iran.

"You are taking a bold move as an openly gay man in the Persian community," said Moret.

"There are no gays in Iran," said Frahan.

MJ, who is single and has no desire to get married, takes her two dogs in a baby carriage to a pet hotel.

"Putting dogs in a stroller is a really good way to keep them self contained," said MJ.

The show is creating controversy in the Iranian-American community, especially in these times of tense relations with Iran.

The National Iranian-American council said in a statement:

"We have gone from being viewed as terrorists to Bevery Hills brats."

But the cast members disagree.

"People are so upset that we are going to get stereotyped because we love gold, marble and Mercedes. I'd rather fulfill that stereotype, than wanting to blow things up, terrorism or evil," said Frahan.