Reaction On The Game Changing Sarah Palin Movie

The HBO film Game Change about the 2008 McCain - Palin campaign premiered on Saturday. Now some of the McCain-Palin Palin former aides are talking about the film's accuracy. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

The controversial HBO movie Game Change premiered over the weekend and the question anyone who watched had was - could this possibly be true?

The movie depicted an unhinged Sarah Palin bordering on a nervous breakdown when she ran for vice president in 2008.

Now, two high-level Republicans who were portrayed in the movie are saying it was factually on target.

Nicole Wallace was Palin's key handler during the campaign. In the movie, she takes the brunt of Palin's rage.

Wallace appeared on ABC's This Week on Sunday and was asked, "How true is it?"

Wallace replied, "True enough to make me squirm."

Game Change showed a campaign staff quickly losing confidence in her.

In one scene Palin was in a near-catatonic stupor, refusing to communicate with staff as she prepped for a debate with Joe Biden.

Woody Harrelson played campaign manager Steve Schmidt.

Schmidt appeared on Morning Joe Monday and said, "It was very accurate. For all of us involved in the campaign, it rang true."

He also said that in hindsight he could have been more helpful.

"This was a person in distress and at some point during this campaign, I look at, did I do as a person, did I interact with the person who was in distress the way I would want to interact with a person in distress? And I don't always think I did a great job on that, " said Schmidt.
Palin herself has denounced Game Change, calling it a "Pack of lies." On Monday she urged her fans to watch the pro-Palin documentary The Undefeated on Reelz channel, "To get the true story, please watch," she tweeted.

Game Change also showed Palin, played by Julianne Moore, glaring at the TV as she watched Tina Fey's now famous spoof of her on Saturday Night Live.

SNL took the opportunity on Saturday to mine some more laughs at Palin's expense. Instead of Tina Fey, Palin was played by, of all people Andy Sandberg.