Alleged Cover-Up Claimed in Nicollette Sheridan Lawsuit

An attorney for Nicollette Sheridan says he received a call from an employee of Desperate Housewives who claims that emails about plans to fire Sheridan were ordered to be destroyed.  INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

It's the latest bombshell in the Nicollette Sheridan lawsuit against Desperate Housewives.

A whistleblower who claims to work for the show says producers destroyed emails about their plans to fire Sheridan.

On the just-released voicemail, the man said, "There was definitely a conspiracy to cover up the correspondence on email-wise in regards to Nicollette."

The voicemail was received by Sheridan's attorney over the weekend and given to the judge on Monday. It came from an employee of the show who claims they received an email soon after Sheridan filing of her wrongful termination lawsuit. That employee says the email directed that all correspondence about Sheridan's firing had to be destroyed immediately.

"I received an email soon after Nicollette filed suit.  I think it was meant for a much narrower distribution, but it regarded having IT come in and wipe clean the hard drives of the producers in response to the correspondence that they've had email-wise about firing Nicollette," said the man.

Sheridan's attorney is now making the explosive claim of a cover-up and the judge will decide if the voicemail will be admitted as evidence and the employee called to testify.   

Attorney Royal Oakes told INSIDE EDITION, "If it's proven there's a computer cover-up, it's like exploding a nuclear bomb in that courtroom. It's the way the jury can say, 'Alright, this is a tie breaker. It's not a he said, she said anymore. These folks were bad guys for cheating."

Meanwhile, the big moment from Sunday night's Desperate Housewives episode that was spoiled at Sheridan's trial showed co-star James Denton's character getting shot dead in a drive-by shooting. The shocking plot twist caused pandemonium in the courtroom when a show executive revealed what was going to happen on the witness stand.  

Now, with the new claims about a cover-up, the trial takes another dramatic twist just when you thought it couldn't get more explosive.