One Direction Mania

INSIDE EDITION is the first to catch up with the new boy band sensation One Direction, as they take over the pop charts.  

Meet the British boys breaking hearts across the USA.

One Direction mania took over a mall on Long Island, New York—and it was one wild scene.  

Deborah Norville's daughter, and One Direction fan, Mikaela Wellner partnered with INSIDE EDITION to observe the event.

"Let me tell you why One Direction is the best thing to hit music since... Forever!" said Wellner.

"Maybe you're beginning to understand how lucky I felt," Wellner said, "Meeting my idols and getting one-on-one time with the guys."

"The reception that we're getting is really flattering," said band member Harry Styles.

They're between 18 and 20. Some have girlfriends, and some don't.  

"For those of you that don't have girlfriends, isn't it hard to meet people? Because most of the girls you see are either crying, screaming, or chasing after your car somewhere," asked Wellner.

"We always get asked if we'd ever date a fan," said band member Zayn Malik, "and I think we probably would."

One Direction was formed after they competed as solo artists in 2010 on the British version of The X Factor. That's when Simon Cowell had the really smart idea of putting them together as a group.

Their music video has had over 65 million views on YouTube.

Some of the fans at the Long Island mall appearance had been there for 24 hours.

Fans call themselves "Directioners," and they all have their favorites.

"Who's your favorite?" asked Wellner.

"Harry and Louis," replied one fan.

"Niall," said another.

Yup, American girls are mad for British boys all over again. But are they here to stay?

"For us, it's just important that we keep making good music," said Styles.