Neighborhood Watch Shooting

Emotions are raw in Sanford, Florida where authorities are investigating the death of an unarmed teenager who was shot by a neighborhood watch volunteer, who said he was acting in self-defense. Now the community is torn apart. INSIDE EDITION has the st

An angry crowd confronted a police officer, demanding answers over the tragic shooting death of a teenager.

17-year-old Trayvon Martin was shot by a volunteer neighborhood watch captain inside a gated community near Orlando, Florida.

One person from the angry mob said, "This is not a justified shooting. A man gets out of his car packing a gun, detains a black man, gets in an argument and shoots him to death." 

Police say Martin carried no weapons. In fact, the only things he was carrying were a can of ice tea and a bag of Skittles.  

"A kid with Skittles, 140-pounds, and a grown man with a gun. Where's the self defense?" said Martin's lawyer.  

Martin's mom, Sybrina, is outraged and can't stop crying.

"As a parent, as a mother, my heart is broken," said Sybrina.

Here's how it went down. Martin was visiting his 14-year-old stepbrother, Chad when he stepped out to buy candy at the local 7-11 down the block.

On his way back, martin was stopped and questioned by the 28 yr old neighborhood watch captain, George Zimmerman, who says he didn't recognize Martin from the neighborhood.

There was a confrontation and Zimmerman says he shot Martin in self defense.

Zimmerman, who suffered a bloody nose, has not been charged.  

"Mr. Zimmerman has made the claim of self defense. Until we can establish probable cause to dispute that, we don't have the grounds to arrest him," said police.

But after that announcement, the crowd vented their feelings.

One person from an angry mob had said, "He could have stayed in his car. He could have stayed in his car and the shooting would never have happened."

Another asked, "What has happened to Mr. Zimmerman?"

The police officer responded, "At this point nothing."

Martin's grieving parents made a heartbreaking pilgrimage to the spot where their child was killed.

"This was no accident, this was murder. I think he murdered my son," said Sybrina.