Curves are Back!

Womanly curves are back in fashion! Designers are putting plus-sized models on the runway and full-figured Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks is being credited with starting the trend. INSIDE EDITION reports.

There were lots of curves on the runways for fall 2010, and the bigger models with real, womanly bodies are definitely the shape of things to come.

"Slowly but surely, skinny models are becoming a thing of the past," style expert Tai Beauchamp tells INSIDE EDITION.

The curvaceous actress Christina Hendricks of the hit TV show Mad Men has been cited as influencing the welcomed new trend...her full figure has gotten a lot of attention.

Vogue contributing editor Andre Leon Talley even Twittered about the actress's influence, saying, "Christina Hendricks of Mad Men has inspired a whole new school of fashion, Va Va Voom and hefty sexy! Look at Prada fall ! Great. Andre."

And in the April Shape Issue of Vogue, there's a layout with Kate Dillon, a size 10 model...there's no mistaking her for a waif.

"Some designers are clearly are saying that it's okay for women to have curves, which is a good thing," says Beauchamp.