Is Lindsay Lohan at it Again?

After she told Matt Lauer on the Today show she was over the Hollywood scene, Lindsay Lohan is at it again. INSIDE EDITION has the story on what she did now that is making headlines.

Lindsay Lohan is at it again.

Now she's being accused by a lounge owner of hitting him with her car and then speeding away.  

It all went down at 12:50 a.m. Wednesday morning outside the Sayers club in Hollywood. Just days after Lohan told Matt Lauer on the Tioday show that she was over the whole Hollywood party scene.

"It was just the same thing as before, it became not fun for me. I am more of a homebody," she said.

She sure wasn't a homebody when she left the nightclub and found herself surrounded by paparazzi. 

Witnesses said Lohan apparently hit the man's knee as she took off. He did not seek medical treatment, although he later reportedly went to the hospital.

Lohan was pulled over by cops but no charges were filed.

Lohan was also out late the night before tooling around in her new $175,000 Porsche she got less than a month ago.

Photo's of Lohan's over the top Porsche show it already has major damage to it, and she just got it. She reportedly lent the car to a 22-year-old friend who scraped it against a wall. The estimated damage is $10,000.