Project X Copycats

Taking inspiration from the hit movie, Project X, teens are now going into homes and throwing wild parties that create such destruction, it looks like a hurricane hit the homes. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It looked like a hurricane hit a house in a Houston, Texas suburb that was just about to go on the market. Every window was broken, and glass and sheetrock litter the floor. But this wasn't a natural disaster, it was teenagers.

Teenagers are breaking into mansions, throwing a house party, and trashing it completely.

Cops say this is a destructive new trend sweeping the country as copycat teens imitate what they see in the new movie Project X, in which teens throw a wild party and trash a house.

"When you look at the movie and look at what actually happened, its apparent that it is a copycat of the movie," private investigator Mark Stephens told INSIDE EDITION.

Teens have been busted for throwing the Project X style parties from California to Texas to Michigan to Florida - where one guy trashed a beautiful home in Miami and sprayed painted "Project X" on the walls.

The parties are being heavily promoted on social media like Twitter and Facebook.

INSIDE EDITION found one party in California where promoters sent out more 25,000 invites There's even a Facebook page devoted to "[Blank] it up Friday's," where teens go in, and vandalize a vacant home every Friday night.

Stephens said, "I have done this a long time, I have never seen this much damage to a house."

Cops say teens in Houston, Texas caused more than $100,000 in damage to a brand new half-million dollar house.

Stephens said he caught a group of teens just days later having a party in a nearby house. The youngest were just 13-years-old.

It's a scene of destruction cops fear is going to happen more and more as the wild new party movie continues to play in theaters across America.