Jamie Oliver and Rachael Ray Fight Back Against Unhealthy Eating

Celebrity chefs Jamie Oliver and Rachael Ray are using their fame to fight back against unhealthy eating. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

It's a designation no town would want, but according to celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, Huntington, West Virginia, is "The Unhealthiest City in America."

In a new ABC show, Food Revolution, Oliver tries to persuade the citizens of Huntington to eat healthier.

He was shocked to see kids being served pizza for breakfast in the school cafeteria. Some of the youngsters didn't even recognize ordinary vegetables like tomatoes.

But Oliver's crusade was met with fierce resistance.

"We don't to sit around and eat lettuce all day," said a local talk radio host known as "Dawg." "I just don’t think you should come in here and tell us what to do. Who made you the king?" he asked Oliver.

"Times have got to change and people hate change so it's going to be a struggle," says Oliver.

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Oliver backstage at the Rachael Ray Show, where he won the full support of the celebrity talk show host.

"I'm glad to see someone with Jamie's enthusiasm and energy and excitement, tackle [the problem]," she told INSIDE EDITION.

Ray is also working to improve what kids are eating in schools.

"You have to make the food seem as attractive as the food that's not so good for them. You're competing with blue Pop Tarts, you've got to give them something that's jazzy and cool," she says.

Watch INSIDE EDITION's interview with Jamie Oliver and Rachael Ray.