Lawyer Caught on Tape Breaking Into Client's Former House

A shocking caught on tape situation as a divorce lawyer broke into his clients former home to get her belongings back. INSIDE EDITION has the whole story.

A shocking home break-in was caught on tape. And it's all the more shocking because the man who busted in is a prominent divorce attorney for the homeowner's wife.

Anthony Stonecipher and his wife Melissa are going through a bitter divorce. He admits, he locked her out of their house; a move that he said angered her lawyer, Raymond Van Arman.

So Van Arman showed up himself, demanding his client's belongings. After a heated exchange, the homeowner drove off. That's when the attorney broke in.

Little did he know, it was all captured on multiple surveillance cameras mounted all over the house.

He and some associates hauled away baby furniture. He took papers from a desk and even tore the "No Trespassing" signs off the front door. They even took the family cat.

The camera's also captured a very strange scenario.

"I need a hug. I need a hug. I need some relaxation. Come on now," said Van Arman. Then the lawyer was hugging the wife.
"I was hoping that by now everything would be easy," said Melissa.

"Shussh. Shussh. Oh yeah. Put it behind you," said Van Arman.

The hug lasted 30 seconds. But Van Arman and the wife insist they are not having an affair.  

"Melissa was extremely upset by this sequence of events, extremely upset. All I was trying to do was calm her down," Van Arman said on Good Morning America.

Van Arman was convicted of trespassing and larceny, but he says he doesn't regret what he did.