4-Month-Old Dog Rescued From Car Engine by Sports Reporter After Being Heard Whimpering

Kansas City Royals sports reporter Carrie Lippert Gillaspie was looking around a car to find where the sounds of a whimpering dog were coming from. Turns out the sounds were coming from inside it.

A sports reporter for the Kansas City Royals found a furry friend trapped where she least expect it after making her way to work.

Carrie Lippert Gillaspie, a reporter with the Missouri major league baseball team, had just pulled into the parking lot at work when she heard a whimpering dog

She tried to track down where the muffled sounds of a dog were coming from by looking under another car but soon realized the sounds were coming from inside it.

“There was no dog under the car, but I could still hear the whimpering and I’m like, It’s coming from inside this car,” Gillaspie tells Inside Edition.

After lifting the car’s hood, she found the four-month-old pup trapped inside the engine, excited to see someone there to help.

“It stopped barking or whimpering ‘cause it could hear me there,” Gillaspie says. “As soon as I stopped talking it went right back to whimpering as if to say ‘Don’t leave me, I’m here.’”

The four-legged adventurer named BonBon had snuck into the car of Ashley Newman, one of Gillaspie’s colleagues, and hitched a ride for 25 miles before being found.

“She was dehydrated, she was so exhausted. She drank a whole bowl of water and then she just kind of fell over,” Gillaspie says.

The young Pomeranian Shitzu’s long journey had a happy ending after being reunited with her owner.

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