Bobcat in 'Good Shape' After Getting Hit by Car and Becoming Stuck in Car's Grill

A conservation warden helped capture and return the poor bobcat to the wild.

Wisconsin law enforcement received a “once in a lifetime” call for help when a bobcat was found stuck in the grill of a car, said Sheriff Mike Lukas of the Portage County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities said the bobcat got stuck after getting hit by the driver.

“They didn’t see anything they hit, they thought it was just road debris,” Lukas told WSAW. “They went a few miles north and then they stopped to check their vehicle, and that’s when they saw it was the bobcat in their grill.”

Thankfully, conservation warden Bryan Lockman helped capture and return the bobcat to its home in the wild.

“They drove him back down to the location where the bobcat was stuck, because we wanted to put it back in the area in case the bobcat had the young ones or something so that it could tend to him,” Lukas said.

He added that the rescue and release was a success.

“This one was in good shape and able to get back into wildlife,” Lukas said.

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