4 SC Teens Plotted Murder of Man Over Punishment for Misusing Instagram: Report

Instagram killing
Larry Ingram Jr.Crawford Funeral Home

A South Carolina man was killed execution style by teens who were upset over being punished for misusing Instagram, according to a local report.

A South Carolina man was shot to death execution style by four teenagers who were angry over being punished for misusing Instagram, according to a local media report.

Larry Ingram Jr. was killed in his Rock Hill apartment on Nov. 14 by teens who plotted to murder him before opening fire on the 38-year-old man, a police officer testified Tuesday in York County Family Court on Tuesday, The Herald reported.

Rock Hill Police Department Det. Eric Olson described the shooting death of Ingram as “an execution” during a detention hearing, according to the media outlet.

Two of the teens were relatives of Ingram, authorities said.

On the day of his killing, Ingram had earlier confiscated laptop computers used by the teenagers after a dispute over how the teens were using the social app Instagram, Olson testified.

Later, Ingram was lured into a hallway in his home by one juvenile who kicked his bedroom door and another teen who threw an object at the door, the detective said on the stand, the newspaper reported.

When Ingram came out to investigate, he was shot in the back, and then shot again as he laid on the ground, Olson testified.

Three of the teens are 14 and one is 15, authorities said. They initially denied involvement in the killing, but some later gave statements about the shooting to police, the detective testified, according to The Herald.

Prosecutors said they plan to request the teens be tried as juveniles, the report said.

Each is charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder, the media outlet said. The four are in juvenile custody.

Three of the four suspects made their first court appearance Tuesday, the report said. The fourth is expected to appear in the coming days, according to the media outlet. 

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