4 Sisters Killed in New York Limo Crash Set to Be Laid to Rest Together

St. Stanislaus Roman Catholic Church (Getty Images)
St. Stanislaus Roman Catholic Church (Getty Images)

Four other family members who died in the crash will also be laid to rest.

Four sisters killed in a New York limo crash that left 20 dead are set to be laid to rest Saturday.

The sisters were among 17 people celebrating a 30th birthday in Schoharie on Oct. 6, when the tragedy happened.

The driver of the limousine transporting the group ran a stop sign and smashed into parked SUV, killing two pedestrians and all 18 people, including the driver, in the limousine.

Amy King Steenburg - whose birthday celebration it was -, Alison King, Mary King Dyson and Abigail King Jackson will have a joint funeral on Saturday afternoon at St. Stanislaus Roman Catholic Church in Amsterdam, New York.

“They were the Four Musketeers,” the sisters’ brother Tom King, 35,  previously told the New York Post.

Urns with the remains of the sisters and four more of their family members killed in the crash were lined up at the front of the church along with their photographs early Saturday, reports said.

Hundreds are expected to turn out for the funeral.

The National Transportation Safety Board is calling the accident one of the deadliest transportation accidents since a 2009 plane crash.