New York Limo Crash: Demonstration Shows How Tightly Victims Were Packed in Car

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What was it like inside the doomed stretch limo that left 20 people dead in upstate New York over the weekend? 

Seventeen passengers and a driver were killed inside the doomed limo. Inside Edition rented a similar limousine and filled it with the same number of people.  

Everyone was tightly packed inside, and no one was wearing seat belts. All of the bumps in the road could be felt during the uncomfortable ride. 

Had the limo carrying the Inside Edition crew stopped short at speeds of 50 to 60 miles per hour, the passengers in the back would have been sent flying across the limo, into a partition and through windows. 

Following the Schoharie crash, the limo was left mostly intact, but everyone inside were killed.

The modified 2001 Ford Excursion had failed inspection last month. One of the reasons was "malfunctioning brakes." 

Inside Edition showed the doomed limo’s inspection report to Dave Lipsky, who repairs stretch limousines at his garage, Authority Fleet Service, in Long Island, New York.

After looking at the report, he says that a "majority of the brake systems on that vehicle were shot." 

A thousand people gathered in Amsterdam, New York, Monday night to mourn those who lost their lives in the disaster. Everyone in the small town seemed to have a connection to the victims.

The Department of Transportation has a registry where you can check on whether a car or limo service has violations on its record. To run a search with the company's proper name or DOT number, click here


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