40 Cows Spotted Running Down California Suburban Street After Escaping From a Meatpacking Plant

While it may seem funny, cows are large and can be dangerous when they feel threatened. 

This is a rodeo unlike anyone has ever seen. Cows were seen running down a cul-de-sac in Pico Rivera, a suburb southeast of Los Angeles. Authorities say the 40 cows escaped from the Manning Beef Company — a slaughterhouse — and ran as far as a mile away.

The bovine travelers took advantage of a gate that was accidentally left open. They then ran into a residential neighborhood, causing quite a panic.

Once word got out, some cattle ranchers lent their expertise to the LA County Sheriff’s Department. They came equipped with lassos to help load errant cows onto trailers. 

But as one professional, John Pitones, explained, wrangling cattle isn’t for the inexperienced. “You’ve got to put in the time. And know how, the proper procedures, on how to capture them,” he said. 

While it initially may seem humorous, cows are large and can be dangerous when they feel threatened. 

According to authorities, one of the escaped cows charged at a family of four, knocking them down and sending one person to the hospital with minor injuries. Sheriff’s deputies shot that particular cow.

It took several hours, but by the next morning, all of the cows — except one — were captured. But can you blame the cows for running for it when they could? It is grilling season, after all.

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