Bobbi Kristina's Brush With the Law

INSIDE EDITION reports on Bobbi Kristina Brown's brush after a brawl involving Nick Gordon, the man she's reportedly dating.

It was a dramatic 911 call about a brawl involving Whitney Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina.

The fight took place last April but the 911 call has just been obtained by INSIDE EDITION.

911 Caller: "I got these people fighting. They're pulling guns and everything man! They're in the parking lot right now!"

911 Operator: "Okay, are they pointing them at each other?"

Caller: "Trust me! They are fighting right now. It's a good fight, man!"

Bobbi Kristina was charged with possession of alcohol and her current boyfriend Nick Gordon, who was raised as her brother, was charged with pointing a gun at another person.

And the official police report even calls Bobbi Kristina, "Gordon's sister."

It all happened in a parking lot in an Atlanta suburb at 4 a.m. 

Police say the brawl erupted over Bobbi Kristina's relationship with her then boyfriend Zach Jafarzedeh. Three other men were also involved. Bobbi Kristina and the others were "ordered to the ground and handcuffed."

The reports says "Bobbi smelled like alcohol." A breathalyzer test showed her blood alcohol level was slightly above the legal limit for a minor in Georgia.   

Police also found an unloaded Glock 19 handgun in Nick Gordon's SUV.  A witness claimed "Gordon was threatening to shoot the gun at the other subjects in the parking lot."

Despite the serious nature of the incident, no one was arrested. Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon were issued citations, which were later dismissed.

Zach Jafarzedeh wouldn't discuss the incident but he told INSIDE EDITION Bobbi Kristina was a wild child when they were dating.

"Krissy had a drinking problem early on in life. I think as she matured it slowed down a bit," said Jafarzedeh.

Whitney's mom, Cissy has reportedly called Bobbi Kristina's relationship with Nick Gordon "incestuous."
They have no blood ties, but Gordon was raised by Whitney from the age of 12.

Now published reports say Cissy wants Nick Gordon evicted from the house he's sharing with Bobbi Krisitina.